Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Monday, April 27, 2009


writing after such a long gap must be intriguing you all people....well..defintely atleast a bit to those few who know me quite well...& about rest i can say just enjoy reading..coz its gonna be fun... :)
talking about blogging...u can say maybe till now no publisher  found me enough to fit in frames of their 'certified' pages of shrine wisdom the best  to catch up with you guys n gals cudnt be missed here i am!!! just bear 4 a while until you find urself addicted to it..(is that a big claim..??/..nevermind..take it easy...)
for last 20 job which i can claim of doing sincerely would be pondering abt things...& this is from where da very word"hmmmmm..."originated in my life..& then there has been no looking why not to give a headstart gearing up with all amazing useless things (One of them is the word snoozed in your mind before reading this very blog!!!!!!!) .These have somehow helped to survive in life (esp in times of our utmost boredom !)
analytically speaking lets see how & when do we encounter this very  "hmmmmmm..."
  • what's going ..?? Ans-hmmm...(rest you can fill it up..)
  • should i ??? Ans-hmmm....
  • do i ...?Ans-hmmm...
  • will i ..?Ans- hmmm...
  • or is it..?? Ans- hmmm...
So I would basically say that to  any basic kind of interrogation one makes in life as described above the reply for those would probably be constituting of a  sentence either starting with words or actions taking place in your mind as "hmmm...."
To note that one shouldn't confuse the word "hmmm.." with humming (a kind of sound or singing without words)coz when one word takes you into your world of imagination to think of your worth and others...then the other word basically drives a song forward without lyrics..but you can see we do find an analogy between both as they both drive some kind of thoughts without its pre-requisite of real world..!
We all know every single invention & discovery firmed its thought from non- stop pondering sessions.As you increase the degree of "hmmm.." chances are that you might end up to be Einstein some day..but if you don't strike a perfect may surpass an intelligence level  which might get termed in layman's language as 'pshycic'...lets make it clear with the following figure.

(the yellow region marks level upto which degree of "hmm..."is proportionate to brain's intelligence...&the moment it enters the green region it is rewarded by super brain like of Einstien....BUT the moment it enters red region you are at your own risk...!!!!)

So we see world is ruled by silly simple yet very unknown wake up...& start being observant...& make life easier not only for others but most importantly for you being at utmost priority!

well...activating..myth of mirth ....lets make blogging fun!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

myth of mirth

myth of mirth

i dont know how one's life is guarded by rules..but probably i do know how it survives and even breathes the real self in honest love of someone..maybe this is wait for an absolution..but definitely its  life for me..& maybe writing this i was in no-where around this wordly world..but this is how it tells that you still can be happy ...coz you make your own world of love..


                                                  Were senses foolin' around wid me-
                                                      or i was let out in thy name of  
                                                                  fate to be-
                                                            written by YOUR hands....
                                                      to be anarchy of my destiny..
                                                   or just to be my happy ending......!

  i know how melancholy eerie wind
  hissed in nights...
  dont know where it came from
  but then why ...
 ...letting a door opened for the wind to whirl around,
 and turn even more wilder was the only wish!!
 coz maybe this was the only way
  to come back to ME..-
 -the one who tears pain and embraces love 
 of  yours coz i know how love of ours still lingers 
 in your mind...!
 leaving that unharmed smile on your face...
 maybe this is the myth of mirth..
 but does it matter ...?
 if all you know is loving wid all your heart 
 zeals life in you!!....